remember we're meant to be in togetherness, grow and heal together.

We heal together

My heart has always been longing for belonging, being around people who make me feel seen and heard, who deeply revere the beauty I bring to the world.   I used to feel shame around this profound yeraning of my heart, to be in community with others, to be celebrated and have the opportunity to be a safe space for people to fully show themselves and experience profound healing by being witnessed and having their human experience validated.   No more. I have fully sank into the soft desire of my heart of healing in togetherness, of coming home into my own heart and opening it for others, too.

we grow together.

We might have temporarily bought into the idea that we're meant to be self-reliant and independent. That is a lie. We were brought up in community, we had different generations around us to tell us stories, to shape our world views.   I find nothing more fulfilling then weaving dreams with women, holding sacred space for each other to share our heart's most intimate desires. We're meant to do it together!

we're meant to be in togetherness.