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All about the practices I'm using to feel fulfilled, satisfied and at peace, what I'm listening to (podcasts, books, music I love shaking it to), movies, artists I fell in love with, conscious brands I discovered and would like to share with you.

Beautiful Souls Say

" It has been though your support, direction, insights, knowledge, firmness, gentleness and unabashed acceptance for all that I am and hope to be that I am stronger, healthier and more conscious of myself, my needs, my desires and my boundaries. Where I can more fully stand in MY yes and no. You are amazing. Thank you! "

Jess M.

Human Resources Director

" I took three online coaching sessions with Anca and according to my experience I can highly recommend her as a coach. Anca is a true professional with vast knowledge and an effective tool kit. On top of that she is the sweetest inspirational goddess and so easy to work with and talk to. I really enjoyed my sessions with Anca and gained insight not only to my personal questions but also into my work as a therapist. "

Outi O.


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Sharing what makes us come alive!


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