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Have you tried every trick in the weight loss book? You believe that nothing really works? You feel like something must be wrong with your body and nobody seems to understand?


I get it! I was there, too. Working out 2 hours every day, holding draconic diets for 20 days of the month, only to go back to comfort food for the last 10.


I felt miserable, broken, defeated. It was pointless to even try to achieve the health and fitness goals I desperately craved for. My weight was yoyoing, my emotional state was a mess and my love life inexistent.

do you trust it is possible?

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So honoured to support you on your weight loss, radiance & magnetism journey! I love investing my power, passion and attention to create a program that fully supportes you with your transformation. This is why I can only take 3 new clients every 2 months.

We all have limited time and energy and I'd love to be of service to those whose values are aligned and with whom I can co-create most value. If that's you, please fill in the form.

Once you fill in the form, I'll assess if we're a good fit and how I can support you. Next I'll send you a link to schedule a call and discuss what are the best ways to move towards your goals. It would bring me tremendous joy to help you on your path to radiance & magnetism!

ignite your radiance & magnetism