Moan for Money – Single & Broken to Radiant & Magnetic in 3 weeks

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Boost Your Confidence. Improve Your Sex & Love Life & Make 15% More Money in 3 Months. A 3-month immersion to inspire you to reconnect with your body. Unleash the power of your orgasmic nature so that you can lose weight, get toned, become healthier and wealthier in a pleasurable way.


Ready to ignite your capacity to call in the love & wealth you deeply desire? Immerse in these sensual & sexual practices over the next 3 weeks to see the magic happen. Join me for this online immersion. Get inspired to feel confident and attractive by inviting more pleasure into your life!

Every week, a new short & sweet practice will be sent to your mail.

What you relish:

♣️ 1 juicy breathing technique to unleash your orgasmic capacity

♣️ 1 sensual ritual for you to gain clarity over what your heart deeply yearns for

♣️ 1 delicious initiation into sex magic, a tantric practice for you to build the confidence to attract the love and wealth you deeply desire and is aligned with your highest truth

*please note that these practices are pre-recorded

BONUS 1 EFT script to release limiting beliefs and patterns keeping you from calling in what your soul deeply yearns for (value $111)

BONUS 2 gentle full moon release ritual to shed the skin that you outgrew and embody a juicier form of who you are (value $111)

What you will experience:

♥️ feeling utterly worthy and ecstatically confident to create a “Hell yes! I’m finally living the life of my dreams!” story

♥️ becoming wildly magnetic and radiant by creating more pleasure within your body

♥️ igniting full-on celebratory vibes for who you truly are, inviting more wealth & joy into your life

Guarantee: Sign up for this program and if in 6 weeks from the start of the course you feel you didn’t get your money’s value, I will reimburse you 100%. I collaborate with people with high-integrity levels and I trust that we both show up as our best versions, giving it our all throughout this transformative process.


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