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The Dream Haunting My SOUL

Ever since I can remember, my heart longed for being around people, dancing together, cooking, blessing and enjoying delicious, nurturing food together, playing guitar, dancing and telling stories around the fire.   Might be that I was brought up like this, always surrounded by people, by family, celebrating together, laughing together, crying together. So, it just became my normal to always be surrounded by people who share common values and love to grow together and co-create.

This August I went to Sweden and I heard this profound and clear whisper of my heart: give birth to children and bring them up on land, live seasonaly, bathe at dawn in this lake, make love to you beloved under the moonlight, call in those who remember and yearn to live a life of love and freedom. I listened and decided to create this community of creatrix (people who create by being fully truthful to their hearts' deepest desires).

How the dream dances inside my IMAGINATION

Living Seasonally

Located close to the forest and to the lake, our space has a garden where we harvest crops honouring mother nature. Our bodies are sacred temples for our souls. We nourish them through healthy, home grown and cooked delicious foods.

Women's Circle

Gathering to celebrate the wise ways of being. We'll be creating rites of passage from maiden to mother to crone, celebrating femininity in all its shapes and fluidity. Imagine a space to honour our moon cycle, our time for rest and shoothing surrounded by beautiful women.

Dancing & Music

Dancing and creating music will compliment beautifully our embodiment practices. Remembering who we are steams from our finiding our voices and what better way of givingsound to our dreams then through singing and making enticing music?

Tantra & Sensuality

We will have a studio to practice tantra and explore sensuality & sexuality as paths to come closer to ourselves, discover our bodies and create a life of pleasure. Pleasure is our birth right and the portal to divinity, the portal to self-love and sacred connections with others.

Pottery & Magic

Our creation studio introduces you to creating beautiful objects from earth and also create flower remedies and essences, learn how to create organic and natural skin and body care items.

Writing & Creating

Our space is in Sweden and during winter we invite you for cosy retreats around developping writing skills, creating beautiful garments and jewlery, enjoying a soft life and slowing down, taking baths, enjoying walks under the nordic lights, eating nourishing food and having the space to create that what your soul yearns for.

Remember who you are.

Take this invitation. Return to the wise way of being!

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